The Mission

Introducing Play-to/and-Earn to the Italian Community
Blockchain tech will not be going anywhere anytime soon and we are here to make sure you get in the loop. Many have heard of “bitcoin” or have a superficial definition of crypto in their mind, but they don’t understand the true magnitude of this technology. There is no exception when it comes to blockchain gaming. P2E gamers in countries like the Philippines and India were able to earn more than their actual jobs playing the popular P2E game "Axie Infinity".
Some are starting to realize the disruptive nature of blockchain tech and how P2E will change the gaming industry forever. Italy is not quite there yet. This is the primary reason behind establishing the Tokeninja platform, wanting to inform and educate the Italian youth on P2E gaming.
source: Google Trends
P2E gaming interest/active users saw a substantial spike in growth in just the past few months. Furthermore, the popular P2E platforms "Sandbox" and "Decentraland" rank in the top 10 of NFTs traded in volume all time. Along with exciting development and innovation, we believe mass transition from traditional gaming to P2E gaming in the years to come is inevitable.
We want to make sure the Italian community does not get left behind in the wake of this new technology. Compared to the rest of the world, Italy is in phase zero of blockchain and P2E adoption, but that doesn't mean we're far behind. Applying the knowledge gained from the Tokeninja platform, it won’t be long until the Italian community is caught up to speed - able to do our part in furthering P2E development.
We will accomplish our goal through:
  • Education
  • Community
  • Partnerships