Community involvement in the development of Tokeninja

Made by Gamers for the Gamers!

We are and will always be thankful for the community supporting the Tokeninja mission. Tokeninja was created by fellow gamers with the intent to educate and help other gamers - certain that we will create a healthy community built on a strong foundation. The future development of Tokeninja will be made through the decisions of our community. We trust that the the community created will help the Tokeninja web service become the leading platform in education on P2E and more.
Become apart of the Tokeninja community by joining our YouTube channel.
​ Our YouTube channel will be where community can be part of the project, including giveaways, project feedback, conversations that will sharpen knowledge and much more!
Following our founder into his creation of Tokeninja will be a massive community of "normal" gamers that will be discover Tokeninja in order to learn how the gaming of the future will be - totaling nearly 1 million members through his social channels!